Chapter 4

Heat transfer and diffusion of particles

A lake freezes

Take 15 minutes to prepare this exercise.

Then, if you lack ideas to begin, look at the given clue and start searching for the solution.

A detailed solution is then proposed to you.

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The temperature of the air is  and the temperature of the liquid water is .

We give the massic latent heat of fusion of ice , its density and its thermal conductivity .

The thermal capacity of ice is supposed to be negligible.

Let be the height of ice at time . At , .


  • Establish the differential equations which have and as solutions.

  • Solve them and determine .



The heat equation in the ice :

So if we suppose that is almost :

So :

We make the approximation of the quasi-stationary mode.

The heat flow in the ice is due to its solidification, that is to say, between and :

So :

That is to say :

And :

After integration :

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